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Adult Placement arrived in West Wales in 2004, although many similar models of provision had been before then, they had fallen under a variety of regulatory frameworks none of which quite fitted.

West Wales, formally Dyfed, is made up of the three neighbouring Authorities of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Prior to 2004 and across all three counties, families were providing accommodation and care to vulnerable adults from their own homes but were registered as Small Homes with the CSSIW. During 2003 these homes began to be identified as no longer qualifying to be registered as ‘Small Homes’.

Funding initiatives from the central UK Government and the WAG focused on moving people out of, and preventing people going into, residential care. As a result some people running Small Registered Homes were directed towards Adult Placement. In Carmarthenshire in 2003, 28 small registered homes were identified as providing services that would sit more appropriately under the WAG guidance for AP.

In 2004 the new Adult Placement regulations (Wales) were introduced which further clarified AP as a model of provision that sat more closely with promoting independence and supporting people to live within their own communities and being offered the same rights as other members of the community.