Who Are Our Carers

Who Are Approved AP Carers?

Adult Placement Carers come from all walks of life. Some are single, some have families, and some don’t, whilst some are retired. We recruit ‘ordinary’ people who have the time, commitment and genuine desire to help someone who needs accommodation, support and/or care. No special qualifications are required and it is not necessary to have had any particular work experience.

It is necessary to be patient, flexible, consistent, have a stable home situation, and to be enthusiastic to learn.

If you have these qualities and the kind of home that would be appropriate to share with another a vulnerable adult, then you might well be a suitable Adult Placement Carer.

Pwy Yw’r Cynhalwyr Lleoli Oedolion Sydd Wedi’u Cymeradwyo?

Mae Cynhalwyr Lleoli Oedolion yn dod o bob math o gefndiroedd. Mae rhai’n sengl, mae gan rai deuluoedd, mae yna rai heb deuluoedd, ac mae rhai wedi ymddeol. Rydyn ni’n recriwtio pobl ‘cyffredin’ sydd â’r amser, yr ymroddiad a’r dyhead i helpu rhywun sydd angen llety, cefnogaeth a/neu ofal. Nid oes angen unrhyw gymwysterau arbennig ac nid oes angen unrhyw brofiad gwaith penodol.

Mae angen bod yn amyneddgar, yn hyblyg, yn gyson a chael sefyllfa sefydlog yn y cartref, ac mae angen bod yn awyddus i ddysgu.

Os oes gennych y rhinweddau hyn, a’r math o gartref a fyddai’n addas i’w rhannu gydag oedolion eraill sy’n agored i niwed, yna efallai y byddech chi’n Gynhaliwr Lleoli Oedolion addas.