Service User Comments

If you are interested, but still need convincing of the rewards and the benefits of Shared Lives? Please read on…

“Adult Placement has made such a difference to my life. I now am able to make real choices about things that really matter to me”

“For the first time in my life I am treated like an adult”

“I now enjoy regular holidays on my own and with my Adult Placement Carer, my life has changed so much for the better”

“I’ve never had so much money to spend on myself. I’ve been able to buy a TV, stereo, video and I go to the theatre in London at least two times a year with my carers”

“I am more self-confident, I can do a lot more things for myself. My Adult Placement Carer has helped me achieve things I never thought I would be able to do”

“Living on your own can be very lonely, my Adult Placement Carer is really like a best friend to me”

“Hospital was like a prison, now I can go out and meet friends and go to the pub when I like. When I do get depressed I can talk to my Adult Placement Carer and we are able to sort things out”

“I enjoy my Sunday dinner which my Adult Placement Carer cooks for me. I really look forward to the weekend now when I go to see her”

“My children live in England. They are very good but they have their own life to lead. I enjoy the company at weekends, it’s nice to know that I can ring her when I need someone to talk to”